Nin Enu

Black Dragonborn Bard


Nin Enu
Male Dragonborn Bard 8
Chaotic Good Entertainer
Init +3; Senses Passive Perception 15
Languages Common, Draconic

AC 15 (+3 Dex, +2 armor)
HP 71; Hit Dice 8d8
Saving Throws DEX +6, CHA +8
Resistance acid

Speed 30 ft.
Melee Rapier +5 (1d8+2 piercing)
Ranged 20/60 Dagger +5 (1d4+2 piercing)
Combat Options:

  • Breath Weapon (30’ line; 3d6 acid; DC 13 Dex save half; action)
  • Bardic Inspiration (1d8; bonus)
  • Countercharm (allies within 30’ gain advantage on saves vs. charm or fear); action)
  • Cutting Words (-1d8; attack roll, ability check, or damage roll within 60 ft.; reaction)

Known Spells (11 known; Save DC 16)
4 (2/day) – dimension door, greater invisibility
3 (3/day) – dispel magic, fireballS, tongues
2 (3/day) – cloud of daggers, invisibilityS, phantasmal force, silence
1 (4/day) – cure wounds, detect magic, faerie fire, healing word
0 (at-will) – blade ward, minor image, vicious mockery

S: Bardic college bonus spell

Fochlucan Bandore Spells (Save DC 16)
1/day – fly, invisibility, protection from evil and good, entangle, faerie fire, shillelagh, speak with animals

Wand of Lightning Bolts (Save DC 15; 7 charges)
1 charge – 8d6 lightning bolt (+1 charge per +1d6)

Abilities Str 13 (+1), Dex 16 (+3), Con 14 (+2), Int 12 (+1), Wis 14 (+2), Char 20 (+5)
Proficiency Bonus +3
Proficiencies Simple weapons, hand crossbows, longswords, rapiers, shortswords, disguise kit, musical instruments
Skills Acrobatics +6, Athletics +7, History +4, Investigation +4, Perception +5, Performance +11, Stealth +6, Survival +5
Tools Disguise Kit +8, Bagpipes/Drum/Flute/Shawm +8
Class Features Spellcasting, Ritual Casting, Bardic Inspiration (1d8; 5 times), Jack of All Trades (+1 to all non-proficient skills), Font of Inspiration (refresh bardic inspiration uses after short rest), Song of Rest (anyone who heals from a short rest regains 1d6 more hp), College of Lore (Cutting Words, Additional Magic Secrets – invisibility, fireball), Expertise (double proficiency bonus for Athletics, Performance), Countercharm (grant allies advantage on saves vs. charm or fear)
Background Feature By Popular Demand (can always find work as a performer in towns and cities, get free modest or comfortable lodgings, and people tend to like you)
Possessions Rapier, studded leather, wand of lightning bolts, fochlucan bandore, goggles of night, slippers of spider climbing, entertainer’s pack (backpack, bedroll, 2 costumes, 5 candles, 5 days of rations, waterskin, disguise kit), shawm, flute, bagpipes, 60 gp

Personality I love a good insult, even one directed at me.
Ideals The world is in need of new ideas and bold action.
Bonds My instrument is my most treasured possession, and it reminds me of someone I love.
Flaws I have trouble keeping my true feelings hidden. My sharp tongue lands me in trouble.

Height: #’#" Weight: # lbs. Age: #






Nin Enu

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