Tamoachan Treasure

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Session 1

  • Vault of Chicomoztoc (Chee-koh-MOZ-tok) – Scout staff key (2 gp)
  • Courses of the Gods – silver pyramid (5 gp)
  • Stone Statue – polished obsidian (10 gp), +1 macahuitl (longsword, +2d6 damage against plants)

Session 2

  • Hall of the Great Spirits – bracelet of rock magic
  • Nest of the Warriors – three large turquoises (20 gp each), +1 junk dagger (breaks on natural 1)
  • Arc of Nanahuatcin (Na-na-WA-tzen) – seven silver pellets (1 gp each)
  • The Guardian Beast – +1 flint ritual dagger, jade statue (200 gp), spell scroll or protection (cats and lycanthrope cats)

Session 3

  • Bed of Xilonen – wand of lightning bolts, twelve blue jaspers (10 gp each)
  • Chamber of the Second Sun – lizard brooch (25 gp), silver and beryl-emerald ring (50 gp), copper-nickel dagger (10 gp), scroll case (map of the area around ruins, cracked crystal sphere (45 gp), jade-inlaid plaque (25 gp), 40 ep
  • Tlazoteotl (Tlaz-ohl-TAH-oh-tel) – dried potion of hill giant strength, rod of the pact keeper, yuan-ti heart (eaten by Seebo, who can now understand snakes and Yuan-ti)
  • Hound of the Bat – platinum key and chain (20 gp)
  • Sacred Chitza-Atlan (SHEET-zah AY-tlan) – two crushed silver masks (25 gp each), electrum serpent bracelet (50 gp), broken marble monkey statue (50 gp), four silver hairpins set with jade (5 gp each)
  • Temple Ruin – fifty silver chased goblets (5 gp each), twenty gold-plated statuettes (10 gp each), forty embossed silver chalices (5 gp each), eighty pieces of jewelry (5 gp each), fifty mother-of-pearl pieces (1 gp each), jade placard of Zotzilaha (100 gp), marble statue of a reclining figure (50 gp), 20,000 sp

Session 4

  • Chapel of Kukulkan (Koo-KOOL-kahn) – jade mask (25 gp), silver bracelets, earrings, neck collars, anklets, piles of coral beads, and silver and jade statuettes (450 gp total)
  • Xipe’s Audience Chamber (Zee-PAY) – spell scroll of detect magic, three pinches of dust of disappearance, silver and aquamarine necklace (125 gp), ivory trick box (100 gp), eight cat furs (5 gp each), 2,000 sp

Session 5

  • Tomb of Pelota – eagle whistle, ten pink pearls (gp each), topaz and shell necklace (50 gp), jade plaque (30 gp), six jade figurines (30 gp each)
  • Spirit Guard of Ayocuan (A-YO-kwan) – two amulets of protection from turning, six jade bead pectorals (50 gp each), bronze and chrysoprase lamp (15 gp)
  • Tomb of Tloques-Popolocas (Tloh-kays Poh-poh-LOH-kahs) – bracers of defense, a ring of resistance (fire), ring of protection, elixir of health, potion of invisibility, mask (200 gp), pendant (50 gp), spherical white onyx (15 gp), black obsidian and red pipestone tubes (50 gp), opal & jade diadem (200 gp), jade earplugs (30 gp), breastplate made of loops of tubular jade interspersed with bone dividers (200 gp), one hundred fifty-six jade beads (1 gp each), a jade cube (150 gp), spherical agate (50 gp), mother-of-pearl (5 gp), urn with twenty flasks’ worth of oil

Tamoachan Treasure

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